170 years old and you would never imagine it

Hanging out barefoot on the neatly trimmed lawn, indulging in the BioDesign pool, you would never imagine it was really so old a house, but as soon as you set foot in the large welcoming lounge and see the heritage farm tools, the century-old wooden beams, and the original stone wall exposed as a feature behind the billiard table, you get an idea.

La Casa di Alice, as it is now, is the result of a careful conversion of what was once a farmhouse, owned by our grandfather. Where once stood the barn and stables, now a large glass door allows lots of sunlight into the big open kitchen that flows into the living area. Lots of books, warm light, very colourful homey sofas perfect for lounging or reading, while the billiard table creates a special atmosphere for good company before going up to bed.

100 hundred years have passed since our grandfather purchased the house: we celebrated the event on 28 May this this year. We praise the roots of our family, and the bonds and love we have for our home which changes and grows with us. Thank you, grandpa!

La Casa di Alice is only a short stroll (500 metres) from the very heart of the Collio, the cradle of the most prestigious Friulian white wines. You will probably feel so comfortable here that you won’t want to leave the grounds, but there are beautiful sites to visit just around the corner: the seaside is a half-hour ride away, as is Cividale del Friuli, the ancient capital city of the Longobards in Italy and now UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • La Casa Di Alice
  • La Casa Di Alice
La Casa di Alice - C.F. BRNNNA58H52E098V
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